2024 - The Year of Regeneration

It's a new year and we're looking at what regenerative actions we can take in the months, and year, ahead. Here are 12 suggested ways you can take regenerative action this year. Join us in taking actions in both big and small ways.

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Written by Sean Marshall
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12 actions to get the year started:


1. Join a local regen group or network

Connect with individuals and organisations who are reimagining and realising a regenerative future for the places we live. Help build networks by joining or starting one in your town, city or region.

Find your local regen group


2. Shop locally and regeneratively

Using your purchasing power to support local growers by choosing organic, regenerative or ‘climate positive’ produce can make a difference. What you eat can be good for the planet, farmers, & health.

Shop locally and regeneratively


3. Switch to a bank and super fund that invests your money ethically

Finance can be a force for good if invested wisely. Be part of the movement to use investing as a way to regenerate the planet.

Divest and invest regeneratively

MP Engagement Group

4. Participate in community-led advocacy

Democracy is strengthened when the voices and values of our communities are represented in local decision making. When we actively engage as citizens, we can shape policy and parliament.

Participate in community-led advocacy


5. Donate to Indigenous-led conservation organisations and campaigns

Indigenous Peoples’ right to land and natural resources is inextricably linked to climate justice and needs to be protected, respected and promoted.

Donate to Indigenous-led conservation


6. Make your garden wildlife friendly

If you have a garden or outdoor space (however big or small), you can use these tips to grow food and cultivate a sanctuary for the native wildlife in your local area.

Make your garden wildlife friendly


7. Switch your home to clean energy

One of the simplest ways to take action on climate change as an individual is to switch your home energy supply to greener electricity providers.

Switch your home to clean energy


8. Install Ecosia as your default search engine

Switch over to a search engine with a cause. Your time and attention is valuable, so use services that contribute profits to regenerative action.

Install Ecosia as your default search engine


9. Advocate for Rights for Nature

Giving rights to nature means recognising that ecosystems should be given legal rights just as humans have rights.

Give rights to nature


10. Fundraise to support girl's education

Educating a girl not only has the potential to change her life - it also changes communities and impacts future generations.

Fundraise or donate to support girls’ education


11. Share our curriculum resources

Share our curriculum resources with your school, teacher friends and family, to encourage more schools to bring regenerative solutions into the classroom.

Bring regeneration into the classroom


12. Donate to support the creation of a fairer, more robust democracy

Support organisations who are campaigning to revitalise our democratic system and experimenting with new methods of decentralised decision-making that values community participation.

Donate to support a fairer, more robust democracy

Want more actions?

Take the quiz to create your own, personalised action plan for 2024.


Create your personal, action plan

Join a growing movement of Regenerators who are ready to take action in their homes, workplaces, schools and communities. You can choose from a range of regenerative actions that are aligned to your passions and interests.

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