Purify Air & Water

To regenerate our air and water is to regenerate ourselves. The current degenerative system has polluted two critical elements of our wellbeing. What it has done to our air and water, it has also done to us. This action area explores nature’s techniques for filtering and cleaning, and invites us to breathe deeply again and to bathe and drink in waters that heal, not harm.

These action areas are large, complex and interconnected. There are a number of key collective responses required to help shift the status quo. We have curated a list of those responses for you to explore linked to regenerative actions that you can take.

The list below is not yet comprehensive and the following are coming soon:

  • Capture and reuse water everywhere 
  • Reduce fertiliser and chemical use
  • Use natural filtration methods for oceans and waterways 
  • Eliminate and collect plastic pollution 
  • Clean our air 

Collective responses

Water cycle

Restore natural water cycles

This response invites us to consider that we can have an impact on the weather in our own region.

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Floating Seaweed

Reforest rivers and oceans

This response invites us to champion seaweed as the unlikely climate hero it is and advocate for the incredible potential it holds to kick-start ocean regeneration and decarbonise the planet!

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