Latest stories of regeneration

These stories of regeneration are curated to educate, inspire and introduce the Regenerators movement to you.


faith in nature

Faith in nature

5 minute watch
Faith In Nature is the first company in the world to appoint Nature to its board of directors. This film tells the story to inspire others to do the same.
Damon TedX

Retelling the story of humans and nature

15 minute watch
What role do stories play in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss? In this recent Ted X talk, Damon Gameau explores this fundamental question.
Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 10.39.14 am

Disrupting dairy with precision fermentation

9 minute watch
A story exploring large scale disruption of the dairy industry through plant based fermentation.
Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 11.18.43 am

Building a map of the Earth's mycorrhizal fungal networks

4 minute watch
What would a map of the planet's mycorrhizal fungal networks look like?
Being human

Being human

4 minute watch
In this stunning spoken-word performance, poet and "freedom-forging futurist" Naima Penniman celebrates the wonders of the natural world and humanity's connection to it.
Odonata title

The Odonata story

12 minute watch
A story of how a species was saved and a landscape regenerated, while returning profits to farmers.
Conversations with coal miners

Conversations with coal miners about climate change

37 minute watch
A timely film that highlights the importance of humanising our difficult conversations.
Healing farms title

Healing farm designs

7 minute watch
A short, innovative demonstration of how land, water, crops and biodiversity can exist harmoniously in certain regions
Holding water title

Water brings life

15 minute watch
An inspiring story of a farmer who used the redirection of water to restore her degraded landscape.
We the power title

We the power

38 minute watch
A stirring film showing the rapid rise of the citizen led, community energy movement.
Biggest permaculture on earth title

The biggest permaculture project on earth

11 minute watch
The remarkable story of how a region in India redesigned their landscapes to capture monsoon rains and grow crops.
Changing paradigms title

Changing paradigms

23 minute watch
A film highlighting the power of regenerative agriculture to improve the natural environment, human health, and farmer's profits.