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Rachel's Farm

Letter from Rachel Ward

A message from Rachel Ward - Director of the feature documentary Rachel's Farm.
Damon TedX

Retelling the story of humans and nature

What role do stories play in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss? In this recent Ted X talk, Damon Gameau explores this fundamental question.


What is regen ag

What is Regen Ag?

3 minute watch
Rachel Ward talks to regen farmers about what regenerative agriculture means to them.
Grass Vs Grain Fed

Grass Vs Grain Fed

2 minute watch
Rachel Ward talks to regen farmer, Mike McCosker, about what the health differences are between grain vs grass fed beef.

Australia's Broken Boundaries

6 minute watch
Damon Gameau explains how regenerating our landscapes is the only way to ensure a sustainable future.
The ancient forests, mountains and coastline of takayna urgently need protection as a World Heritage-listed National Park, returned to Aboriginal ownership.

Protect takayna / Tarkine

5 minute watch
The takayna / Tarkine is Australia’s largest temperate rainforest and the second largest temperate rainforest in the world, and it needs protecting.
The Good Farm Shop

The Good Farm Shop

2 minute watch
The story of Matilda and Scott who transformed their online butchery into a regenerative, ready-made meals company.
Precious Plastic

The Precious Plastic Universe

2 minute watch
An open-source and alternative plastic recycling system run by (brilliant) people around the planet.

Walking Gently on the Earth

5 minute watch
Walking Gently on the Earth tells the story of Annie Smithers; a chef based in Lyonville, Australia whose life is dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment through her regenerative farm and restaurant.
Rachel's Farm Thumbnail

Rachel's Farm (trailer)

2 minute watch
One woman’s journey from ecological despair to finding hope in the soil beneath her feet.
Regenerating Australia

Towards 'Regenerating Australia'

10 minute read
It's been a year since we released 'Regenerating Australia' and much has changed in that time. Find out about the progress and the set backs.
The Oyster Gardener

The Oyster Gardener

1 minute read
Can a functionally extinct reef system be brought back to life? Jolie, a grade-12 student and aspiring marine biologist, joins forces with her community to bring back the lost oyster reefs of the Noosa river.
BabanilStill - AM


1 minute read
Film-maker Marlikka Perdrisat forms a dreamlike expression of her intergenerational connection to Country; a connection available to everyone who loves and cares for a place. This film is about knowing Country, creating memories with Country, and maintaining Country for the next generation.
What is Regeneration

What is Regeneration?

5 minute watch
"What is Regeneration?" is a 5-minute short film and a rousing call to action to join a global movement of Regenerators who are working to heal our ecosystems.