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Announcing The Regen Learning Hub

Explore our new Regen Learning Hub! A free education resource with over 100 cross curriculum lessons catering to all levels from primary through to adult learning.
Damon TedX

Retelling the story of humans and nature

What role do stories play in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss? In this recent Ted X talk, Damon Gameau explores this fundamental question.


Lunar Codex

To the Moon and beyond

4 minute read
In exciting news, of our films has been selected into the Lunar Codex; an archive of contemporary art being stored in a time capsule for future generations that will last a billion years.
Claudia Ayuso

Are Humans Wired to Destroy the Planet? Neuroscience, Explained

21 minute watch
The stories we tell and hear shape the architecture of our brains and influence our behaviour, even when we’re not aware of it. In this episode of Origin Story, Claudia Ayuso dives into the science behind this and how we can map our way into the future.
opening_2024 post

2024 - The Year of Regeneration

2 minute read
It's a new year and we're looking at what regenerative actions we can take in the months, and year, ahead. Here are 12 suggested ways you can take regenerative action this year.

The future will be written with the language of the past

11 minute watch
How has the natural world shaped language, and how does that language now shape how you see the world? Marlikka Perdrisat explores this question in her TED Talk.
Regeneration checklist 1

Regeneration Checklist

1 minute read
How do we make sure that something is regenerative in nature? Paul Hawken's Regeneration Checklist is a good place to start.

Meet Uncle Shane

3 minute watch
Uncle Shane Mortimer is a Ngambri Elder and social scientist fighting for First Nations land rights, including establishing "Allodial Title" rights.
Christmas Tree 2

Christmas trees aren’t just for Christmas

5 minute read
If you celebrate Christmas, chances are you're planning to decorate a tree. But what's the most informed, and most regenerative choice we can make when it comes to choosing a Christmas tree?
Regeneration Scavenger Hunt

Regeneration Scavenger Hunt

2 minute read
Regeneration starts with a connection to place. Here are 10 questions that will help you connect deeper to your local area and see it through a new lens.
RFFG Title Page

The Regenerative Festive Food Guide

5 minute read
To inspire a regenerative festive season, we’ve created a Regenerative Festive Food Guide.
Paul Hawken Ted Talk

Regenerative living can restore a broken world

12 minute watch
A frog and a mockingbird changed Paul Hawken's life, kindling a life-long devotion to protect and restore nature.
Meet the Farmers Justin and Lorroi

Justin & Lorroi Kirkby

4 minute watch
Meet Justin and Lorroi Kirkby, regenerative farmers in Northern NSW.
Emily Thumbnail

Emily Whyman

4 minute watch
Meet Emily Whyman, manager of a regenerative small holdings farm in the hinterland of the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales.