Harmonise the System


This action seeks solutions to the perverse incentives, the win-lose rivalrous dynamics and the concentrated power of our current, degenerative system.

Despite the benefits it has brought to huge numbers of people, our current economic system is also damaging huge numbers of people, and is rapidly destroying the living world: it is extractive and degenerative.

This action area addresses the flawed architecture of the current system and the invisible metrics of our ‘progress’ that have taken us to the brink of an unimaginable crisis. This is a place for bold new ideas and holistic systems thinking.

These action areas are large, complex and interconnected. There are a number of key collective responses required to help shift the status quo. We have curated a list of those responses for you to explore linked to regenerative actions that you can take.

The list below is not yet comprehensive and the following are coming soon:

  • Prioritise health and education 
  • Address constant, exponential growth 
  • Implement transparency and accountability in all decision making 
  • Address income and wealth inequalities
  • Clean up the information commons  

Collective responses

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Change what we measure and incentivise

This response asks us to broaden our metrics of success; to move away from a narrow economic focus, and to make visible and measurable other aspects of our lives that we care about and would like to see improved.

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First Nations Wisdom

Embed Indigenous wisdom

This response requires us to listen and learn from Indigenous cultures around the world - then integrate these learnings.

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Upgrade democracy

This response urges us to tap into the exciting participatory democracy movements and experiments that are taking place at a national or local level around the world.

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Educating girls & empowering women

This response encourages us to activate our agency, skills and resources to support girls’ education and elevate women with opportunities for growth, employment and leadership.

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River Regen Aus

Give Rights To Nature

This response requires our legal systems to acknowledge that we are dependent on, and in partnership with, nature - and to evolve by granting personhood rights to ecosystems so that they may be protected under law.

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