Heal Habitats


Healing Habitats presents an opportunity for collaboration between a diversity of people and a diversity of plants, fungi, animals and bacteria. From lush underwater seagrass meadows to the shaded lairs of boreal forests, to carbon rich mangroves bubbling with activity - the planet’s habitats need our help. This action area invites you to bring life back to our ecosystems: the life support systems for all living things, including us. 

These action areas are large, complex and interconnected. There are a number of key collective responses required to help shift the status quo. We have curated a list of those responses for you to explore linked to regenerative actions that you can take.

The list below is not yet comprehensive and the following are coming soon:

  • Connect with the ecology and Indigenous wisdom of your place
  • Create new habitats on degraded lands and waters
  • Embrace onsets, not offsets for rapid repair
  • Change what we measure and incentive

Collective responses


Restore and regenerate habitats

This response presents an opportunity for a meaningful collaboration between people, plants, animals, water and the land.

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Wildlife corridor

Protect plants and animals

This response looks at how we can implement new laws that protect ecology, introduce marine and land protection areas, plus raise awareness about the impact our economic system is having on the species we share this planet with.

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