Action Areas

To achieve Regeneration, we will need to address a number of critical areas simultaneously. We have listed some of those areas below. Under each Action Area, you will find detailed Collective Responses plus specific actions that you can take right now.

Action areas

Harmonise the System

This action seeks solutions to the perverse incentives, the win-lose rivalrous dynamics and the concentrated power of our current, degenerative system.

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Rethink Energy

This action area is for people who are lit up by the largest energy transition in history - clean and green. It harnesses the sun & the wind, is more efficient, & it electrifies everything.

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Heal Habitats

Healing Habitats presents an opportunity for collaboration between a diversity of people and a diversity of plants, fungi, animals and bacteria.

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Purify Air & Water

To regenerate our air and water is to regenerate ourselves. This action area invites us to breathe deeply again and to bathe and drink in waters that heal, not harm.

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Revive Soils

Reviving soils is the dirtiest underground movement in the world right now: it is reconnecting people to their food, to their health and to the climate in remarkable and inspiring ways.

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Wild our Towns & Cities

This action area is for those who want to go wild in the city. Concrete makes way for urban forests, rooftop gardens and thriving inner-city ecosystems.

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Move Lightly

The transport of the future is versatile, accessible and great for our health. It is mobility that allows passengers to move cheaply and quietly through their communities.

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Consume with Consideration

The clothes we wear, the foods we eat and the materials we buy can either be degenerative or regenerative. Our consumption can steal the future or heal the future.

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Regenerate Self & Our Communities

The regeneration of our planet cannot happen without the regeneration of its people. This action area invites us to reconnect with ourselves, others, our communities, and all living systems.

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Share New Stories

This action area invites us to tell new stories: stories about our deeply collaborative traits, stories about our interconnected relationships with the living world.

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About the Regenerators

We are a community of people taking action & learning about ideas that can regenerate and heal our planet’s social & eco systems. So many of our human activities are degenerative and extractive. They have taken us to the brink of an unimaginable crisis. Regeneration is a pathway forward. It is meaningful and inclusive; it puts life and connection at the heart of every decision & action. This platform will amplify stories of regeneration from around the world and provide tangible pathways to community and individual action.