Cultivate a regenerative culture

Join and build regen networks

Connect with individuals and organisations who are reimagining and realising a regenerative future for the places we live.

A cultural evolution is underway that asks us all to come together to re-imagine and realise a regenerative future for our communities and the places that we live.

Help build networks by joining or starting one in your region or city! There are also global communities you can join online, such as the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) Community or the Our Planet App.

Know of any other groups or networks? Please let us know and we will add to this growing list.

Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL)

Doughnut Economics is a ​​compass for human prosperity in the 21st century, with the aim of meeting the needs of all people within the means of the living planet. DEAL works with change makers worldwide – in communities, education, cities, business and government and more – who are turning the ideas of Doughnut Economics into transformative action and aiming to create systemic change. The DEAL Community Platform is a great place to meet pioneering change-makers who are turning Doughnut Economics from a radical idea into transformative action.

Our Planet App

The Planet App is a hub to amplify your climate action goals with powerful collaboration. You can use the app to find regenerative solution you are passionate about and connect with people who can help you work on it.

Regeneratie Coöperatie (Global, based in Holland)

Regeneratie Coöperatie is a group of entrepreneurs, scientists, activists and artists committed to an equal world in which all people see themselves, and behave, as part of nature. Based in Amsterdam, they offer in-person workshops to people interested in regeneration, as well as running workshop programs for businesses who would like to create a regenerative culture for their organisation. They also host monthly online learning sessions.

Regen Places Network

The Regen Places Network (RPN) is a growing a network of place-based alliances focused on building the social infrastructure and capacity for places to initiate community-led projects and enterprises for the regeneration of cities, towns and bioregions across Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Australian based Regen Networks

  • Regen Sydney is a network of organisations and individuals exploring a regenerative future for Sydney. Help to define what 'Good' looks like for Sydney and join the network or an upcoming event.
  • Regen Melbourne/Naarm is a network of individuals and organisations working together to create a safe, just and prosperous future for Melbourne. Join the online community, or as a member or a partner.
  • Regen Brisbane/Meeanjin is a network of individuals and organisations working together to make Brisbane a regenerative city. Connect with the Regen Brisbane/Meeanjin community and join the upcoming online and in-person events.
  • Regen Sunshine Coast (Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi and Jinibara) is a movement of Sunshine Coast residents who are co-creating a regenerative future. A community connecting and working together co-creating solutions to our housing crisis, climate change, biodiversity, mental health and homelessness.
  • Living Lightly Locally is a free education and research program aimed at helping individuals, households and communities live more regeneratively, locally. The program is currently being delivered in Burnside and Mount Baker, South Australia. Interested in joining future cohorts? You can register your interest in joining the program here.

Regenerative Songlines (Australia-wide)

Regenerative Songlines Australia is working to create a continent-wide network, that connects regenerative projects and practitioners, and which is led by First Nations peoples and inclusive of all Australians and focused on amplifying local and bioregional initiatives. It is also multidisciplinary and includes regenerative economies, societies, ecological stewardship and design practices.

WWF Innovate to Regenerate Challenge

Do you have an idea of a solution that could change Australia’s future? Join a Local Learning Lab and join a network of communities across Australia who are working to Regenerate Australia.

  • Ready to regenerate but don’t know where to start? Register your interest in joining one of the Local Learning Labs.

Joining and building regen networks is part of a larger collective response. Learn more and find other actions that cultivate a Regenerative Culture

Know of any other groups or resources? Get in touch.