Changing our buying habits

Switch to digital tools that contribute to regeneration

Make all your activity online count. Your time and attention is valuable, so use services that contribute profits to regenerative action

Many studies show that we are increasing the amount of time we spend online as more and more of our lives become dependent on the services offered through it.

We are online for many many things including: socialising, researching, watching and listening to media, buying products and signing up to services and many organisations making a lot of money from the time and attention (and cash) we give them.

Imagine we could direct some of our valuable time and attention to go towards regeneration. Well you can. There are some online tools offering services you use everyday, but they direct their profits to impactful causes.


Switch over to a search engine with a cause. The profits generated from every search you do helps plant trees where they are most needed.


Fairphone is a manufacturer that makes smartphones in a way that is more ecologically and socially sustainable and results in longer lasting products. 

  • They are currently available in the EU and UK, and you can learn more about them here.

This regenerative action is part of a larger global action to Consume with Consideration.

Know of other digital tools with a cause? Get in touch.