Upgrade democracy

Participate in community-led advocacy

Democracy is strengthened when the voices and values of our communities are represented in local decision making and all the way up to parliament. When we actively engage as citizens, we can shape future policies and make-up of parliament.

Democracy is strengthened when the voices and values of everyone in our communities are represented in local decision making - and all the way up to parliament! Check out the actions below to start or form a local community advocacy group and get involved in encouraging your political representatives to vote on the issues that matter most to you. 

Here are a few options from around the world you can choose from:


Climate for Change

Climate for Change supports people to have effective conversations about climate change, and to take actions that will inspire others.

  • Join or start an MP Engagement Group - all you need to do is to turn up with your laptop or tablet, and Climate for Change will show you easy ways to contact your elected representatives and make a difference.

“Voices of/for” grassroots groups

Across Australia, “Voices for” or “Voices of” groups are being organised. These are community-led, political advocacy groups. Some of these groups have endorsed their members to run as candidates in federal elections.


The #OurDemocracy campaign is a collaborative campaign developed with input from individuals and organisations across Australia.

  • Survey your community - join with others and survey your communities attitudes on political donations, corruption and transparency in politics for the National Integrity Survey.

The Community Independents Project

The Community Independents Project’s mission is to get community-backed independents elected. The project provides a forum for networking and sharing ideas, funding to further the purpose of getting Community Independents elected to Parliament, and amplifies how and why Community Independents can change Australian politics for the better.

Sign up to be part of The Community Independents Project network, resources and events.


Climate Resolve

Climate Resolve builds collaborations to champion equitable climate solutions. They connect communities, organisations, and policymakers to address local climate solutions. They focus on developing practical initiatives that reduce climate pollution and prepare for climate impacts. They describe their purpose as building a just and resilient future.


Take Climate Action

Take Climate Action helps support local climate advocacy groups across the UK. From hosting online meetings to template Climate Action Plans for your council, they can provide a range of resources to help you and your group campaign.

Participating in community-led advocacy is part of a larger collective response. Learn more and find other actions about upgrading democracy.

Know of any other resources? Share your ideas.