Meet the farmers

When filming 'Rachel’s Farm', Rachel Ward interviewed all kinds of farmers who are regenerating their land - capturing their stories, insights and, ultimately, what regenerative agriculture means to them. Explore their stories below.

Meet the Farmers

Meet the farmers

Meet Helen and Mike

Helen and Mike McCosker

4 minute watch
Meet Helen and Mike McCosker, regenerative farmers and the founders of Carbon8.
Meet Kaycee and Tom

Kaycee Simuong and Tom Macindoe

4 minute watch
Meet Kaycee and Tom, regen farmers growing vegetables in the Nambucca Valley.
Meet Glenn Morris

Glenn Morris

4 minute watch
Meet Glenn Morris, a regenerative cattle farmer and climate activist in NSW.
Meet the Farmers Justin and Lorroi

Justin & Lorroi Kirkby

4 minute watch
Meet Justin and Lorroi Kirkby, regenerative farmers in Northern NSW.
Emily Thumbnail

Emily Whyman

4 minute watch
Meet Emily Whyman, manager of a regenerative small holdings farm in the hinterland of the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales.

More stories about regenerating landscapes


Meet Uncle Shane

3 minute watch
Uncle Shane Mortimer is a Ngambri Elder and social scientist fighting for First Nations land rights, including establishing "Allodial Title" rights.
What is regen ag

What is Regen Ag?

3 minute watch
Rachel Ward talks to regen farmers about what regenerative agriculture means to them.
Grass Vs Grain Fed

Grass Vs Grain Fed

2 minute watch
Rachel Ward talks to regen farmer, Mike McCosker, about what the health differences are between grain vs grass fed beef.
The Good Farm Shop

The Good Farm Shop

2 minute watch
The story of Matilda and Scott who transformed their online butchery into a regenerative, ready-made meals company.

Walking Gently on the Earth

5 minute watch
Walking Gently on the Earth tells the story of Annie Smithers; a chef based in Lyonville, Australia whose life is dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment through her regenerative farm and restaurant.
Healing farms title

Healing farm designs

7 minute watch
A short, innovative demonstration of how land, water, crops and biodiversity can exist harmoniously in certain regions
Holding water title

Water brings life

15 minute watch
An inspiring story of a farmer who used the redirection of water to restore her degraded landscape.
Ground up

From the ground up

13 minute watch
A beautiful introductory film to the world of regenerative agriculture by Amy Browne.
Odonata title

The Odonata story

12 minute watch
A story of how a species was saved and a landscape regenerated, while returning profits to farmers.
Biggest permaculture on earth title

The biggest permaculture project on earth

11 minute watch
The remarkable story of how a region in India redesigned their landscapes to capture monsoon rains and grow crops.
Regenerating Australian landscapes title

How we regenerate Australian landscapes

3 minute watch
A short film showing how European farming practices have impacted Australian water and landscapes and how they can be regenerated.

Australia's Broken Boundaries

6 minute watch
Damon Gameau explains how regenerating our landscapes is the only way to ensure a sustainable future.
What is Regeneration

What is Regeneration?

5 minute watch
"What is Regeneration?" is a 5-minute short film and a rousing call to action to join a global movement of Regenerators who are working to heal our ecosystems.