The biggest permaculture project on earth

The remarkable story of how a region in India redesigned their landscapes to capture monsoon rains and grow crops.

Created by Andrew Millison
Watch time – 11 minutes

About the film

Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison journeys to India to film the epic work of the Paani Foundation’s Water Cup Competition. We tour the village of Velu, in Maharashtra, who won the 2016 competition to install the most amount of water harvesting structures in a 45 day period.

Guided by Paani Foundation’s chief advisor, Dr. Avinash Pol, we take a ride through the village watershed and see a massive water diversion and groundwater recharge project that has dramatically improved the lives, economy, ecology and stability of this village. Although the Paani Foundation doesn't use the word Permaculture to describe what they do, we examine why their work has turned into the biggest Permaculture project on Earth!

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