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Learn about how to transform your climate grief into regenerative action

The weight of climate grief can stick to us as heavily as any other form of loss, anxiety or depression. Transforming this grief into action takes strength and perspective - and sometimes help.

The sadness and helplessness many feel, due to the immense forces of ecological destruction and climate change, are often immobilising, leaving us questioning how mourning a planet’s past can be turned into building a planet’s future. Transforming this grief into action takes strength and perspective - and sometimes help:


Australian Parents for Climate Action

Australian Parents for Climate Action engaged, organises and empowers parents, carers, and families to advocate for a safe climate for our children’s future.

  • Watch an expert panel discuss the transformation of climate grief.
  • Act - ways you can get involved with AP4CA.
  • Join - join AP4CA to help the cause.

The Commons Library

The Commons Social Change Library is an online collection of educational resources on campaign strategy, community organising, digital campaigning, inclusivity and diversity.

  • Access articles, podcasts, books and networks to help deal with and transform climate grief.

Psychology for a Safe Climate

Psychology for a Safe Climate fosters emotional engagement with climate change by providing support and engaging with those working on climate change, within caring professions, and the broader community.

  • Listen to a collection of podcasts dealing with climate grief, burn-out and resilience in the context of climate change.


Climate and Mind (International)

Climate and Mind explores the relationship between climate disruption, human behaviour and the human experience.

Good Grief Network (North America)

Good Grief Network is a nonprofit organisation that brings people together to manage collective grief, eco-distress, and other heavy emotions that arise in response to daunting planetary crises. They aim to create spaces for communities to gather and process their feelings with an intention of turning that grief into meaningful action.

Soapbox Project (United States)

The Soapbox Project is a social movement that was started specifically in response to the mental stress caused by climate anxiety. They are very aware of how overwhelming the topic can be so they structure themselves to only require bite sized and manageable commitments from individuals, which you can scale up at any time.

Force of Nature (UK & International)

Force of Nature is a UK based organisation started by Clover Hogan which aims to empower young people to create real change and to be given agency in the face of the climate crisis. They run training programmes for both students and teachers, provide a platform for young people, and enable collaboration through workshops, consulting, and youth advisory boards.

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Learning about how to transform your climate grief into regenerative action is part of a larger collective response. Click here to read more.