Regenerate Self & Our Communities

Heal our relationship to self and others

If there was one response that towered above others in its ability to usher in meaningful, regenerative change – it is this one.

When we are at peace with ourselves, we cannot help but be at more peace with others. This response invites us to explore the tools and techniques that allow us to breathe deeper, to slow down, to laugh, to dance, to listen not to the angry words of others - but to the unmet human need that is pleading beneath those words. It is an invitation to cultivate empathy and compassion for self, for others, and for the living world. From this place, we would achieve Regeneration in one generation.

Why is this important?

We are deeply immersed in a culture that favours and incentivises extrinsic values. Quick bursts of dopamine can be found everywhere from cans of soft drink, to pornographic websites, to social media likes. Limbic capitalism, pervasive advertising and celebrity hijacks our subconscious with feelings of inadequacy and a sense of not being enough or not having enough. This emptiness, or void, also comes from a host of other unmet emotional needs, and is driving addiction, fragile mental health and rampant consumerism or accumulation of wealth.

Meanwhile, our intrinsic values of care, empathy and kindness – traits for which we have a biological predisposition - get very little attention or market reward. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, outlined two forms of happiness, one was fleeting and came from pleasurable stimuli – Hedonia (hedonism). The other came from a deeper place, from meaning, from fulfilling one’s true nature and flourishing – Eudaimonia. Incentivising Eudaimonia over Hedonism will be essential for true regeneration.

Some of these solutions are featured in our short film - Regenerate Australia. Find out where you can see the film.

Regenerative actions for you to implement

We believe every one of us has a role to play in Regeneration. If you are interested in self regeneration, here are some actions we have identified for you to implement into your life.


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