Sea The Weed

AIME and the Regenerators are looking to raise $1M by selling 2000 fully-compostable seaweed hoodies to reforest Sydney's underwater coastline including around the iconic Bondi Beach

Created by Damon Gameau
Watch time – 15 minutes

One of the world’s first, custom-designed, fully-compostable hoodies made from seaweed has been created through a collaboration between the Regenerators and AIME.

Sales of the hoodie aim to raise $1 million to help realise Operation Crayweed, a project from a team of marine scientists based at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. They have a bold vision to re-grow the underwater seaweed forests of the Sydney metropolitan coastline, across and around 23 beaches, and to re-establish this essential habitat and food source for Sydney’s marine biodiversity. These seaweeds were wiped out in the 1980s due to poor water quality, but can now be regrown and with them, will bring back marine life.

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