Regenerating Australia (trailer)

What would Australia look like in 2030 if we simply listened to the needs of its people?

Created by Regen Studios
Watch time – 2 minutes

About the film

Regenerating Australia is a short film by the team behind the high-impact feature documentaries 2040 and That Sugar Film. It is based on a four month interview process with a diverse group of Australians who shared their hopes and dreams for the country’s future.

Featuring Kerry O’Brien, Sandra Sully, Gorgi Coghlan, Tim Flannery, Larissa Behrendt, David Pocock and other well-known voices, the film is set on New Year’s Eve 2029 and takes the form of a news bulletin looking back at the decade ‘that could be’. A decade that saw Australia transition to a fairer, cleaner, more regenerative economy that values Australia’s greatest assets - First Nations' wisdom, our unique natural environment and our sense of community.

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