Rachel's Farm (trailer)

One woman’s journey from ecological despair to finding hope in the soil beneath her feet.

Created by WildBear Entertainment and New Town Films
Watch time – 2 minutes

About the film

In this triumphant film, director and actress Rachel Ward voyages from her own wilful ignorance about the ecological impacts of conventional agriculture, to championing a movement to restore the health of our farmland, food and climate and in doing so the wellbeing of the farming communities that sustain the nation, and ourselves. Rachel's Farm is for anyone who cares about how their food is produced, how degraded our soils have become, and the changing role of women on farms.

The film unfolds through Rachel’s experiences, her personality, charm and self-deprecating humour. Her fear for a changing planet are our fears, and we are invested in her process of learning, experimenting, and, eventually, challenging others. Rachel’s love of rural life, as an avid horse rider and actively working on the farm, as well as her family focus, lay the foundations of a character we care about and can relate to. As she sets out to change her own farm, and Australia, we are driven from scene to scene by the urgent questions - and often setbacks - arising along the way.

A story of Australian land use and occupation cannot be told without Indigenous stories and recognition, shared by the keepers of those stories and those they appoint and approve to tell those stories. The film explores the deep knowledge of regenerative agriculture practices held by Australia's Indigenous peoples' for millennia, with Director/Producer and Bidjara-Dhunghutti woman, Ljudan Michaelis-Thorpe, aboard the project as Director of Indigenous Content.

Rachel's Farm is produced by WildBear Entertainment, known for Emmy-nominated feature documentary Playing with Sharks, and New Town Films. Executive Producers Regen Studios, the team behind the high-impact feature documentary 2040, are leading the film's impact campaign.

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