Meet AY Young

AY is a musician and UN Sustainable Development Leader

AY young
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About AY

AY is a musician and an inspired activist. AY is the only United Nations (UN) Global Youth leader representing the U.S. AY mobilizes youth, corporations and every facet of humanity to get plugged into one of 17 global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

What is he doing to regenerate the planet?

AY has worked for years to bring energy and sustainability to the world through his Battery Tour to help people plug-in with more than 900 solar-powered concerts performed. Recently, he has completed the following Project17 activations in the past few months with General Motors (GM) and Samsung.

GM hired Bloomberg Green to document the three-city EV Battery Tour with stops at Wayne State, Penn State, United Nations General Assembly Kickoff, and a Times Square LIVE performance. GM and Bloomberg Green worked with AY to record content, film and produce the documentary footage of Climate Week 2022 and EV tour.

On the Battery Tour, AY brought Samsung’s message of sustainability combined with music for impact to students across the country with the Climate Superstars Educational program. Samsung built the first Global Goals app. Launched in 2019 by Samsung UNDP, the app provides learning opportunities on the Global Goals and shares easy and meaningful ways to make a difference.

The app is available on 950 million Samsung devices, pre-installed on all 2021+ Samsung phones, has nearly 200 million active users, and has generated more than $4 million U.S. in donations to educate the Galaxy community about the world’s most pressing challenges and strengthen UNDP’s work in supporting countries to implement integrated solutions for the Global Goals.

Support AY:

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