Inspire your students to explore ideas, solutions and stories to regenerate Australia


Regeneration is about bringing vitality and renewed growth to our communities and our ecosystems, and putting LIFE at the centre of every action and decision.

The film depicts an aspirational and compelling pathway forward for Australia. It is a story of solutions, community and empowerment, and a glimpse at a future that we are capable of creating together. Upper Primary and Secondary students will enjoy the uplifting tone of the film. The mocked-up scenes portraying what Australia’s transition to a regenerative economy could look like, helps to deliver these concepts in an accessible and entertaining way.

The supporting curriculum has been designed to empower and inspire students - inviting them to ignite their imagination and dream up a positive and regenerative future for Australia. The lessons will provide opportunities for students to deep dive into some of the key themes that the film covers, as well as explore the cascading social and environmental benefits of the solutions.

The film covers key themes of:

  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Reinvigorating democracy
  • Zero emissions transport
  • Energy resilience
  • Regenerative Agriculture & Food
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Circular economy & Waste

Curriculum resources

We have partnered with the curriculum experts at Cool Australia to build a package of lessons for Upper Primary and Secondary year levels. All lessons have been mapped to the Australian curriculum and have been designed to guide your students through the viewing of “Regenerating Australia”, while funnelling curiosity and inspiration into an exploration of regenerative and community solutions that address our biggest collective challenges.

“Tuning into the film” guides for Years 5-10 have been designed to support students’ viewing of the film while the subject specific Units of Work invite students to dive deep into regenerative solutions across English, Science, Civics and Citizenship, Design and Technology.

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Educational screenings

Regenerating Australia is available on ClickView making it easy to bring Regeneration into the classroom.

If your school doesn't have a ClickView account, Australian schools can purchase an educational licence for $55 which provides unlimited access to the film for educational use and on campus screenings for the wider school community. Schools will receive a digital copy of the film and a downloadable copy of our free School Action Toolkit.

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Schools Action Toolkit

The School Action Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for Primary and Secondary schools, and covers key information about the film and the educational resources, as well as being loaded with tips to guide you through planning a successful and sustainable screening event.

There is also a Take Action chapter which outlines personal and collective actions you can share with students, staff and parents. A comprehensive Action Planning Guide will walk you through a ‘whole school approach’ process for defining and planning sustainability and regenerative initiatives.

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