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Join the movement to restore the health of our farmland, food and climate. Everyone has a role and can play a part.

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To drive the transition towards a more regenerative and secure food future, everyone is needed and everyone is invited to play a part.

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Consumers can make a difference by using their purchasing power to support local growers by choosing organic, regenerative, sustainable and ‘climate-positive’ produce.

You can also support the movement by donating to organisations who are helping farmers transition to regenerative practices.


Support local growers

Sustainable Table

Sustainable Table Australia - Regenerative Food and Farming Map

Sustainable Table's map is a relatively new resource and it will take time to see this map grow. However rest assured that every producer on this map has been through a rigorous vetting process.

Sustainable Table map

RFFG Title Page

The Regenerative Festive Food Guide

To inspire a regenerative festive season, we’ve created a Regenerative Festive Food Guide.

The Regenerative Festive Food Guide


Sustainable Table's Ethical Food & Fibre Guide

This Ethical Food & Fibre Guide is a collection of resources that have been put together to support consumers in making ethical choices about the food on your plate and the materials you wear and use.

Ethical Food & Fibre Guide


Open Food Network

With more producers on the map, this is a great resource. We suggest using Sustainable Table's Ethical Food Guide, and doing your own research when making choices on which producers to buy from.

Find your local farmers

Organic Consumers

Organic Consumers - Regenerative Farm Map

Find farms from around the world that are working for a regenerative future.

Regenerative Farm Map

Regen Organic Alliance

Regenerative Organic Alliance

A directory of Regenerative Organic Certified®️ farms.

Regenerative Organic Alliance - Directory

Organic farming

Sustainable Table's Industrial Vs Organic Guide

This guide unpacks how industrial and organic approaches to farming are defined, what they set out to achieve and the practices commonly involved.

Industrial vs Organic Guide

Regen 101 Guide

Sustainable Table's Regen 101 Guide

Dive into all the resources shared in this guide and learn more about the possibilities that regeneration holds for a thriving world.

Regen 101Guide

Donate to organisations

Local Farmer

Support farmers

Donate to organisations who are helping to support and build capacity for farmers to adopt regenerative agricultural practices.

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Farmers and land stewards can learn more about adopting regenerative practices and connect with local groups and organisations that can support them on the journey.

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Learn more about regenerative and climate positive farming.


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