Rachel’s Farm offers an exciting opportunity to inspire students and farmers to explore the health and climate benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Rachel’s Farm offers an exciting opportunity to engage students in learning about solutions to climate change, the importance of biodiversity, soil health, regenerative agriculture, farming, health and our food system - and the links between them all!

We have worked with curriculum experts to map the film’s messages to the Australian curriculum and create free educational materials that can be used in a variety of settings from secondary school through to agricultural colleges, TAFEs, and community education settings.

Complementing these resources, is's comprehensive suite of 11 lessons about regenerative farming for secondary school which include supporting clips from Rachel's Farm, and 10 lessons about soil health for primary.

In addition, we have collated an extensive list of learning resources for farmers to explore.

Please explore the resources below:

Educational Screenings

If your school or institution has a ClickView subscription, you can access Rachel’s Farm on the ClickView platform.

If you do not have access to ClickView, you can purchase an educational licence to screen the film to your class and request a streaming link to share with your students. Please complete the Host a Screening form on our website and our team will be in touch to assist you.

School Action Toolkit

Educators can also download their free copy of the School Action Toolkit - a comprehensive resource that covers key information about the film as well as being loaded with tips to guide you through planning a successful screening. Included is a bonus Action Planning Guide which walks through a ‘whole school approach’ process for defining and planning sustainability initiatives.

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Rachels Farm Schools Action Toolkit

Rachel’s Farm Educational Resources

Rachel’s Farm is a timely case study that raises questions about the impact of conventional agricultural principles on our natural systems, and poses the possibilities of alternative regenerative farming practices. The documentary and supporting educational resources provide opportunities to teach, learn, engage and activate individuals and groups.

Designed for Senior Secondary School students, tertiary and TAFE students and community groups, the materials share information and workshop activities that can be used in part or as a whole resource.

To assist with accessibility each resource is thematically presented in four sections. These units, which each have a Fact Sheet and Worksheet activities, are:

  • WHAT: What is regen agriculture all about?
  • WHY: Why is it a better alternative to conventional agriculture?
  • HOW: How do we get started?
  • WHO: Who is pioneering this change?

Senior Secondary School

An Australian Curriculum aligned resource for Senior Secondary (Years 11-12) Geography and Science.

For lower secondary school year levels, and primary school, see the resources below.

Secondary Edu Kit

Tertiary and TAFE

Rachel’s Farm offers an opportunity to provide Tertiary, ag college and TAFE students a valuable Australian case study that provides information around the principles of regenerative agriculture and deeper knowledge around solutions to climate change, the importance of biodiversity, soil health, natural water resource management, our food system.


Community Groups

Screening Rachel’s Farm is a fantastic way to start conversations with your community about the principles and practice of regen farming and help farmers future proof their farming business. This resource is aimed at rural and regional councils who want to engage with local farmers and landowners about making the switch to regenerative farming. The information and activities can be easily applied to smaller scale community groups who have gardens, including Country Women’s Association, Men’s Sheds, local park groups, schools, and community gardens.

Community Regenerative Farming Educational Resources have created educational units and lessons for secondary teachers to get their hands dirty with regenerative farming. Explore case studies, plant regenerative gardens, and even delve into futuristic farming in space. Across these lessons, teachers are equipped to introduce students to agricultural practices, focusing on the history and development in Australia, the principles of regenerative agriculture, and the vital role of soil health. Teachers will find hands-on activities such as creating explanatory videos, planning regenerative gardens, conducting soil experiments, and analysing the significance of soil organisms.

You will need to login or create a free account on's website to access these lessons.

Primary and Secondary School

Our resources complement a suite of 11 lessons about regenerative agriculture for Year 9 Humanities and Social Sciences which includes supporting clips from Rachel's Farm.

Primary teachers, please note that also have 10 lessons for primary about soil health and you can explore these via the same link below.

Cool Tile
Resources for Farmers

Learn about regen ag and join a course or training

This link will take you to a list we have collated with learning resources and organisations you can connect with who are helping farmers adopt regenerative practices.

Rachel's Farm