Build a scalable, renewable energy infrastructure

Transition your organisation to clean energy

Say goodbye to fossil fuels and embrace a more renewable, equitable and secure energy system for your business.

Power your organisation or business with renewable energy by switching to a clean energy provider, or take the next step in purchasing and installing renewable energy infrastructure for your business.

Here is an overview of the considerations, steps and resources to help you get started, as well as some organisations who can help your business make the transition today!


Clean energy and switching energy providers

Switching energy providers or plans to enable renewable energy usage will reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, support the renewable energy industry and contribute to our overall clean energy transition.

Here are few things to consider:

  • Understand your business’ current energy consumption by looking at bills across all seasonal periods. The ClimateClever Business Platform enables you to easily measure, audit and track your usage, emissions and bills over time - there is a free version you can start with as you begin your audit.
  • Understanding your energy charges will also assist with making a decision on the best provider or plan. Take into account your usage charges for electricity (cents per kilowatt hour/kWh) and gas (cents per megajoule/MJ), metering and service charges, environmental charges and network/supply charges (which are regulated and won’t vary between energy retailers). Gas bills will include a transmission and distribution charge which are fixed costs.
  • Work with your facilities, operations manager, or an energy broker to compare the market or, if you are a small business, consider referring to one of the sites listed below.
  • If you switch to GreenPower, you will also be supporting Australia’s renewable energy industry and assisting with demonstrating increased market demand. The program is government accredited and available through most energy retailers.
  • Choose a responsible and environmentally-friendly energy provider.

Some suggested green energy providers include:

You also visit the Green Electricity Guide or Green Power to research a clean energy provider that fits your criteria

Renewable energy purchasing and infrastructure

Following your switch to renewable energy, you may wish to consider extending your business’ commitment to renewable energy by exploring a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

For smaller businesses:

  • A “behind the meter” Power Purchase Agreement involves an energy provider installing renewable energy equipment - usually solar PV systems - on your business site. You then pay a predetermined rate for electricity over the contract period.
  • This type of solution may be suitable if you don’t want to own or maintain a system and don’t own your property but have a longer term business tenancy.
  • Advantages can include no upfront capital cost and a reduction in energy bills.
  • You will need to identify an energy provider that offers behind the meter Power Purchase Agreements.

For larger businesses:

  • Extend your commitment to renewable energy by joining other businesses or associations to purchase power in bulk for a better rate and support Australia renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Corporate renewable Power Purchase Agreements - referred to as PPAs - enable you to purchase large-scale solar and wind power energy at a fixed price over a longer-term.
  • The Business Renewables Centre of Australia is a not-for-profit member based initiative that streamlines and accelerates corporate purchasing of large-scale wind and solar energy and storage and supports Australian organisations to enter the renewable energy market.
  • If you own your building, you may also wish to join a growing number of businesses, universities and organisations who are using their roof space to install large-scale solar PV panel systems and battery storage. This form of urban power generation can lead to significant emissions reduction and, for larger energy users, may also provide potential for micro-grid establishment.
  • Planet Ark Power is a leading clean energy solutions provider of solar, storage and microgrid solutions and offers commercial and industrial rooftop solar.
  • Commitments to become 100% reliant on renewable sources can be verified through the RE100 initiative.


Zero Carbon Business

Zero Carbon Business is a UK based organisation that assists companies who want to reduce their carbon emissions. They provide tips on efficiencies as well as being able to provide curated plans specifically for your business.

Mckinsey’s Net Zero Business Guide

Following the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act, business consulting firm McKinsey has put together suggestions for American businesses looking to come in line with the country’s net zero target.

Big Clean Switch - Business

Big Clean Switch is a service that provides guidance and assessment for businesses to switch their energy supply in a cost efficient manner. They provide market reviews and guidance to help businesses find appropriate and affordable energy.

You can find out more about their services here


Bionic provide advice to businesses in the UK, one part of which is helping guide you to transition your businesses energy supply to clean energy. They have a very helpful starting point for understanding the process of transitioning energy supply here.

Transitioning your organisation to clean energy is part of a larger collective response. Learn more and find other actions about building a scaleable, renewable energy infrastructure.

Know of any other resources? Share your ideas.