Adopt community energy

Learn how to start a community renewable energy project

Find out how your community could join the over 100 recognised community energy projects across Australia.

Community energy is where communities are actively taking part in developing and investing in renewable energy projects that contribute to energy self-sufficiency, lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The main goal is to enable a community to generate, store and/or share their renewable energy from infrastructure or programs such as wind farms and community solar, to mini-hydro schemes and bulk buy programs.

The benefits are enormous, including having a locally based source of energy which avoids expensive long range network infrastructure, decarbonising energy supplies and allowing communities to take responsibility for their energy use. While in Denmark and Germany community renewable energy is a mainstream model, in Australia, it’s an emerging sector with growing interest.

Your community can join the over 100 recognised community energy projects from Goulburn to Hepburn Springs across Australia. Interested in learning more?

Coalition for Community Energy

The Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) is the peak body of the growing community energy sector in Australia.They have a detailed knowledge hub, with practical tools for developing a local renewable energy project. Articles focus on a range of issues including technical matters, governance, and community engagement.

Community Power Agency

Community Power Agency advocate for community energy, supporting Australians to engage with and transition to renewable energy sources, providing expert support and advice. They run a socially responsible renewable energy development short course.

  • Take a short course - their eight-week online course will teach renewable energy practitioners about how to drive community engagement with best-practice methods and concepts, fostering knowledge and support in order to result in successful renewable projects.

Frontier Impact Group

Frontier Impact Group is a consultancy, working both directly to support key projects, as well as strategically to assist businesses and the community get their own environmental and energy sustainability projects off the ground.

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