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Engage politicians to drive action on regeneration

While we fight and combat the forces of climate change, we must also rebuild and regenerate. Engaging with MPs, politicians and getting involved in advocacy projects to stimulate this is important right now.

While we fight and combat the forces of climate change, we must also rebuild and regenerate: create and heal while building better solutions and infrastructure to halt the effects of global warming and head towards a zero emission future. Systems like regenerative agriculture - farming and grazing practices that can reverse climate change by building healthy soils while sequestering carbon from the atmosphere - are crucial.

Moving away from destructive agricultural practices to restore our carbon balance is one way we can drive regenerative practices for our future, tackling climate change and ensuring a better future. Engaging with MPs, politicians and getting involved in advocacy projects and movements to stimulate this are actions we can take - here are some first steps:


Contact your MP

Contacting your MP to engage with them on climate change action and regeneration is one of the most effective ways of making positive change. Before you make contact, make sure you’ve done some research on their position on climate change and energy policy.  

WWF Australia

WWF is a leading and global voice for nature, working with governments, businesses and communities to combat environmental issues and conserve biodiversity. 

Soils For Life

Soils For Life supports Australian farmers in regenerating soil in order to transform food and fibre systems.

  • Support - donate or partner with Soils For Life.
  • Learn - access a resource hub on regenerative farming, educational tools and case studies.
  • Projects - learn about the major projects in partnership with state and national Governments.

Beyond Zero Emissions

Beyond Zero Emissions is a think tank focused on enabling Australia’s switch to zero emissions, publishing research to inspire political leadership and accelerate policy change. They are powered by a wide network of volunteers that willingly give their expertise in engineering, science, economics, business, finance and communications to create climate solutions. You can help further their cause by signing up to volunteer or donating.

Community Power Agency

Community Power Agency advocate for community energy, supporting Australians to engage with and transition to renewable energy sources, providing expert support and advice.

  • Advocacy - learn about CPA’s advocacy and policy work and how you can get involved.
  • Local Power Plan - get behind the blueprint for Australians to benefit from local and cheap energy by signing the campaign.


Environmental Voter Project (US)

The Environmental Voter Project encourages environmentalists in the United States to vote in all available elections. They canvass and contact people who have an interest in environmental protection and make suggestions for how to best use their vote.

Involve (UK)

Involve is a UK based charity that is developing ways to involve citizens in decision making processes with events like citizens assemblies. They are partnered with a variety of organisations and government departments to help people have a voice and political influence outside of elections.

Fridays for Future (Global)

Fridays for Future is a youth-led and -organised movement that began in August 2018, after 15-year-old Greta Thunberg and other young activists sat in front of the Swedish parliament every school day for three weeks, to protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis. This protest has now become a global movement and is something everyone can get involved in.

Engaging politicians to drive action on regenerative climate change is part of a larger collective response. Click here to read more.

Know of any other groups or resources? Share your ideas.