Embrace cleaner personal & public transport

Lobby your local council for low carbon transport options

Use your voice to make changes on a micro, local council, level.

We need to make large, widespread changes in how we rebuild and protect our planet, but things can change on a more micro level as well.

Electric buses and trams are a reality, with 430,000 buses being utilised in China in 2020, and Norway launching the world’s largest electric ferry. Put a voice to the changes you want to see and approach your local council or LGA. Start the dialogue: get in touch with your local council to lobby for cleaner transport options, low-carbon vehicle use and infrastructure that will help contribute to a cleaner, healthier neighbourhood.


Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia is a grassroots advocacy and education organisation that aims to accelerate climate change solutions through democracy. 

Community Power Agency

Community Power Agency advocate for community energy, supporting Australians to engage with and transition to renewable energy sources, providing expert support and advice.

Climate Change Authority

The Climate Change Authority provides independent, expert advice on climate change policy, undertaking reviews and making recommendations on various climate change related matters.

Solar Citizens

Solar Citizens are an independent organisation that aim to protect and grow renewable energy in Australia, running campaigns that utilise people power to put pressure on decision makers and bring about a renewable Australian future.

  • Join the campaign - learn about Solar Citizens’ campaign to accelerate clean transport and sign the petition.

Snapshot Climate 

Communities and councils have a strong and proud history of leading climate action. This tool provides greenhouse gas emission profiles at the municipal, Federal Electorate, and state level. Through offering a snapshot of local emissions, communities, decision makers and councils can continue to reduce emissions at the speed and scale required.

Snapshot Climate was developed by Beyond Zero Emissions and Ironbark Sustainability to help communities and councils plan for emissions reduction. 

  • Explore the greenhouse gas emission profile of your municipality 
  • Contact your local council about any areas of concern regarding where the emissions are coming from across transport in your local area

United Kingdom

Green Alliance

Green Alliance is an independent think tank and charity focused on ambitious leadership for the environment in the UK. Founded in 1979, they have been working with influential leaders in business, NGOs and politics to accelerate political action and create transformative policy for a green and prosperous UK. One of their campaigns focuses on encouraging the adoption of low carbon transportation options at different levels of government. 

Get involved with and support their campaigning

United States

Environment America

Environment America is an NGO focused on practical climate solutions that will make American cities more livable and healthy. They operate through community campaigns, public education, and direct lobbying across America. One of their current campaigns is focused on redirecting funding from highways to public transport.

You can take action by contacting your state governor about highway spending.


Eco Schools

EcoSchools is a national charity that supports youth leadership, environmental learning, and climate action. They support engagement across all levels of the education sector – from students and teachers to trustees and parents – through training workshops and webinars, annual conferences, educational resources, and national campaigns. One of their campaigns is currently focused on low carbon commuting.

You can download their resources and get involved in your local community. 

Know of any other groups or resources? Share your ideas.

Lobbying your local council for low carbon transport options and infrastructure is part of a larger collective response. Click here to read more.