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The number of cars and trucks on our roads is expected to hit 2 billion by 2030, and crucially, transport-based emissions continuing to see a huge increase.

Here are some places to start learning about how we might start decarbonising our travel by transitioning away from high-polluting ways of commuting to cleaner ways.

As we learn more about electric vehicles and the resources required to manufacture them - could it be better to buy a second hand hybrid car over a brand new electric vehicle? We suggest checking out this TEDx talk from Graham Conway about the Contradictions of Battery Operated Vehicles. We’d love to know your thoughts.

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United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

Since its inception in 1972, the UNEP has been the global authority that sets the environmental agenda, promotes the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the UN system and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment. UNEP’s Global Electric Mobility Programme supports more than 50 low-and-middle-income countries with the shift from fossil fuel to electric vehicles.

Australian Electric Vehicle Association

AEVA’s aim is to switch Australia's transport networks to electric drive as quickly as possible, providing a forum for communication and awareness in the field of electric vehicles to encourage use and development.

  • EV resources - read about the benefits and ins and outs of electric vehicles.
  • EVs and the environment - learn about the positive impacts that electric vehicles have on the environment
  • EV conversion - information on converting cars to electric drive

Vic Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap

For Victorians, the State government’s roadmap aims to supercharge the future of ZEVs, laying out a long-term vision to achieve half of all light vehicle sales being ZEVs by 2030.

ACT Zero Emissions Vehicle Incentives

The ACT government’s strategy in tackling climate change involves incentivising the purchase of ZEVs in order to cut down emissions.

  • Incentive plan - read about the incentives for and future of ZEVs in ACT

Energy Saving Trust (UK)

Energy Saving Trust is a voice on energy efficiency and clean energy solutions who work towards a smart, decarbonised, decentralised energy system - empowering people to make better energy choices.

  • E-Motorbikes - read about what e-motorbikes offer and the benefits they hold for the environment.

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Researching electric & zero emission vehicles is part of a larger collective response. Click here to read more.