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Donate to the legal fight to protect our environment

Financial support for environmental justice and law reform is vitally important for defending at-risk land, wildlife and communities.

Tapping into existing participatory democratic processes and legislation is an important part of fighting to protect our environment. We often hear of communities, wildlife and land that are under threat from government or industry as a result of development, pollution and environment mismanagement. It’s important to ensure that our environment laws are as robust as possible to better protect land, air and water in nations across the planet. To do that we need to support law reform and ensure those under threat are able to receive justice and access to litigation when laws are contravened.

Providing financial support for environmental cases underway is something you can do right now.

Here are a few options you can choose from:


  • Client Earth works in over 50 countries, using the law to create systemic change. They focus on the most pressing environmental challenges, because a future in which people and planet thrive together isn't just possible - it's essential.
  • Centre of International Environmental Law CIEL uses the power of law to protect the environment, promote human rights, and ensure a just and sustainable society. With offices in Washington, DC, and Geneva, Switzerland, CIEL’s team of attorneys, policy experts, and support staff works to provide legal counsel and advocacy, policy research, and capacity building across our three program areas: Climate & Energy, Environmental Health, and People, Land, & Resources.


  • Environmental Law Foundation provides free information and guidance in-house on environmental issues for individuals and communities, also through our university based law clinics, and via their network of specialist environmental lawyers and technical experts.


  • Earthjustice is a nonprofit public interest environmental law organisation. They use the power of law and the strength of partnership to protect people’s health, to preserve magnificent places and wildlife, to advance clean energy, and to combat climate change. They operate out of offices across the US.


  • Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) is the largest environmental legal centre in the Australia-Pacific operating in 8 offices around the country working with farmers, conservation groups, Traditional Owners and people from all walks of life by providing access to justice, running groundbreaking litigation and leading law reform advocacy.
  • Environmental Justice Australia is a national public interest legal centre that uses the law to empower communities to protect and regenerate nature, to safeguard climate and to achieve social and environmental justice.
  • Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is a national not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to increase the understanding and practical implementation of Earth centred governance in Australia, with a focus on law, economics, education, ethics and the arts.

Know of any other groups or resources? Let us know.

Donating to legal fight to protect our environment is part of a larger collective response. Click here to read more and find more actions about upgrading democracy.