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Globalisation has had many unintended consequences. It's important for all of us to understand why stronger local economies are critical to our regenerative future.

Localisation (in the context of climate action) is the process of making economic and production cycles driven by smaller and more local connections to minimise their environmental impact. is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to renewing ecological and social wellbeing by strengthening communities and local economies worldwide.

They explain that “Our global economic system has become so large and complex – with producers and consumers, CEOs and workers, and cause and effect all far removed from each other – that ethical choices are almost impossible to make, and environmental and human rights disasters have become commonplace.”

With that in mind, their message is: “Localization is about bringing the economy back to a human scale. It is the process of building economic structures that allow the goods and services a community needs to be produced locally and regionally whenever possible. This can strengthen community cohesion and lead to greater human health and material well-being, all while reducing pollution and degradation of the natural world,”

We wholeheartedly agree with these statements and believe that localisation is a key dimension to regenerating the planet and healing the world.

Learn more about localisation has some incredible resources for you to leverage in your own localisation journey. Here are a few:

About globalisation

About localisation

Learn about taking local action have created a brilliant localisation action guide recommending a whole range of actions you can take locally.

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