Create locally focused circular economies

Get your organisation to participate in the circular economy

Organisations have been key to our success in the past 200 years, but they are also degenerating the planet on a massive scale.

Organisations are the biggest ‘organisms’ on the planet. They have done so much for us, given us shelter, food and lifestyles which were unimaginable 100 years ago. BUT there has been a cost, and that cost has been the degeneration of the planet on a truly massive scale.

To have a regenerative circular economy means we need every organisation on the planet to participate and shift from degenerative practice to regenerative practice. This means that the value extracted from the natural world is also regenerated. This means we need to close the loop on the resources we do use. Recycle, reuse, remanufacture in a circular economy, while doing what we can to regenerate the natural capital that has been extracted from the planet over the past 200 years.

To do this, each organisation on the planet needs to determine exactly where it lives: not just the within industrial but in the natural ecosystem. Your business or organisation is in some way directly or indirectly contributing to the degradation of the planet. It is time we changed that or else we have no future on this star ship called Earth.

We have collected a few resources to help you get started on your journey.


Planet Ark’s Circular Economy Hub

The ACE Hub aims to be the focal point for all things circular in Australia — a platform for sharing information and inspiration, and for celebrating the efforts of all those working towards this vital transition.

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Planet Price

Planet Price provides tools and services to help your organisation measure your impact which is the start of the process for rectifying your impact.

Ellen Macarthur Foundation

This foundation is dedicated to the establishment of a circular economy. They have many tools, resources and training to support the transition of your organisation to the circular economy.

The Climate League

Climate League 2030 is a ten-year, private sector-focused initiative to support and act towards a goal of reducing Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by at least a further 230 million tonnes from what is projected for 2030.

Investor Group on Climate Change

IGCC is open to investors operating in Australia and New Zealand including superannuation funds, insurance companies, fund managers and other financial services providers, such as asset consultants, brokers and investment industry associations. Joining the IGCC provides an opportunity to strengthen climate change-related investment management and to be recognised as an organisation proactively engaged in addressing climate change.


Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE)

PACE has become the global collaboration platform for key public and private decision makers to share a vision, best practices, and scale the circular economy together. Nearly 100 leaders from governments, companies and civil society, across continents and sectors, have joined PACE’s Leadership Group to help accelerate the transition to a circular economy globally. 

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The Circular Economy Hub

CEC is a non-profit international network of the circular economy field, including professionals and organisations with over 280 CEC local clubs in 140 countries CEC bring the circular economy to cities worldwide by building strong local clubs who design, implement and support circular local initiatives.

Find more ways to take action by exploring the larger collective response to Create locally focused circular economies.

Know of other great resources to share with our community? Get in touch.