Changing our buying habits

Buy regenerative gifts for family and friends

Demonstrate your love and appreciation in ways that contribute to regeneration rather than creating more problems for the planet. Purchase gifts that make a difference.

Gifts are part of many traditions all over the globe. They say something important and a way of demonstrating love, affection and thanks. While giving gifts is a beautiful thing there is increasing evidence that many gifts end up in landfill. The manufacture of these items creates a huge burden for the planet including carbon and the wasteful use of precious resources.

You can however still give gifts that have meaning and help the planet. We have collected just a few organisations that offer the chance to buy gifts for others with a regenerative cause.


Bush Heritage Australia

BHA offers gift cards perfect for someone who cares about the environment. Not only does the recipient get a beautiful card, but together you make a real contribution to conservation in Australia.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

WWF offer a couple of key regenerative gifts to choose from:

  • Regenerative donation gift cards - donate on behalf of a loved one towards WWF’s great work to protect our natural environment 
  • Adopt a species - offer a love one the opportunity to adopt an endangered species and have their gift contribute to its protection. The recipient even receives a small gift pack detailing the adoption

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Buy a gift card for a loved one that contributes to the education of girls around the world. CamFed’s gift cards support the the payment of school fees, uniforms, shoes and books and empowers young women to succeed and lead.

Little Acre

Gift a DIY mushroom growing kit or an online course that teaches how to grow mushrooms at home. You don’t need a lot of space, or even soil or sunlight! 

  • Little Acre’s online mushroom growing workshop - presented by full-time farmers and mushroom cultivation experts Mickey and Amy, this comprehensive workshop is jam-packed full with everything you need to know to grow delicious gourmet mushrooms at home. 


Know someone who is interested in growing their own food? Why not gift a MasterClass with Ron Finley, aka the Gangster Gardener! 

  • MasterClass: Ron Finley teaches gardening - community activist and self-taught gardener Ron Finley teaches how to garden in (literally!) any space, nurture your plants, and grow your own food. As Ron says, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” 


Just One Tree - gift a tree planting

Just one tree offers gift cards that can be sent to loved ones for special occasions, offering the planting of a tree on their behalf. 

Gift a tree planting (


Ecosia is an online search engine that contributes its profits to planting trees around the world where it is needed most. 

Kiss the Ground

Gift your green-thumbed friends a regenerative gardening course! Kiss the Ground’s mission is to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration and inspire participation in this movement through media, communications, education, workshops, immersive programming, and advocacy.

  • Kiss the Ground’s Introduction to Regenerative Gardening - designed with all levels in mind, the course is a beginner’s gardening journey to learn the basic skills, tools, practices, and knowledge required to grow in any space, container, or climate. 
  • Advanced Regenerative Gardening - this course will build on fundamental gardening knowledge by connecting in-depth understandings of life cycles, plant nutrients, soil importance, troubleshooting, and land ethics all while practising new skills for impactful gardening.

If you know of other great regenerative gifts, share them with us here.